Good News Summer 2014

by Shannon McAllister on August 27, 2014


I hope you have all been enjoying your summer. There are so many wonderful things to do and opportunities to spend time with family and friends! We have been quite busy at The John 3:16 Center, too. Our walking trail is in place, ready to have side projects like benches, recycling bins, and more added. Environmental Education opportunities are being offered. Summer camp is in full swing—children are enjoying the devotional, recreational, and educational activities that have been planned as well as field trips sponsored through our summer camp donors and Halifax Recreation Partners. You’ll see some notes from them within this newsletter and meet our summer camp counselors!

This summer also brings with it an opportunity to reflect and reminisce. Did you know that The John 3:16 Center will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this September?! I wasn’t here when so many people from the community came together to clear the property, build the Center, and rejoice in the Grand Opening, but I began working here the following January. It is truly amazing to consider all of the people God has brought to The John 3:16 Center over the years, both to receive services and to serve…and many of these overlapped! Watching the children grow has been such a blessing (though it makes me feel old at times!); I know of 4 original afterschool students who graduated this year and are heading to college. Yet another original student worked at our summer day camp both last year and this year! It will be exciting to welcome people back to celebrate this milestone. We hope you will be able to join us September 27th!

Don’t forget to take a look at the events being offered this summer in addition to our Summer Day Camp! We would love to have you and your families or visiting guests join us for our Nature Celebration or Nature Walk. Our Environmental Educationalists have done an excellent job planning activities and even have guest speakers coming to the Nature Celebration. You’ve missed a wonderful Star Gazing evening, but we plan to have another in early fall! Bring the children or grandchildren by to play on our playground while the adults walk our trail. If the weekdays aren’t convenient for you, come by on a Saturday from 9am-3pm!

Want to volunteer? We have plenty of opportunities for that: supervising our playground & walking trail after-hours, helping to maintain our computers, assisting with our 10th anniversary celebration, working with others to help keep our grounds mowed and flower beds in good condition, and more! Without volunteers, we would not be able to serve nearly so many as we do!

We also appreciate the support you give us in so many other ways: donations of items for our programs or yard sales, financial contributions, sharing information about our organization with others, and prayers. It means so much that you know we are constantly trying to be the best stewards possible of what we have been given. Please continue to pray as we complete our strategic planning process and begin implementation. Pray also that everything we do will glorify God and draw people closer to him. May God bless each of you.

In Christ,
Shannon McAllister

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