Good News Winter 2013

by Shannon McAllister on April 4, 2014


Hello, everyone! As we begin to prepare for our 10-year-anniversary, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the many wonderful people God has brought into my life through working at C.A.R.E./The John 3:16 Center. He has truly blessed us with a number of His compassionate and generous servants, and our organization has grown through their efforts, contributions, and continued involvement. 2013 was an exciting year of growth — for the organization and for me, both professionally and personally. We saw our community come together in a way we had never anticipated to build our beautiful new playground in just one day, including a wonderful outdoor classroom, games on the basketball court, sitting areas, and a pathway with the art of local children leading the way to the equipment. Our board was also able to begin considering future goals and development of the organization and to work on some logistical and procedural changes. New partnerships with other organizations are helping to strengthen us as we work together in service to our community. We also received some new support — the Lakeland CAREs for John 3:16 Event as a new fundraising effort was wonderful and Coca-Cola Bottling Company helped sponsor our Christmas Outreach party! In addition, we have added some new volunteer roles and have been excited to have Til Tremper step up to be our Volunteer Coordinator (you’ll get to read about her on page 3 of our newsletter)!

I am eager to see what God has in store for us this year. We have given you a “sneak peek” of some things that we know are coming…and especially those for which we would like to get your input. As I mentioned earlier, the 10th anniversary of The John 3:16 Center is coming up and we would love to get a committee of community volunteers to help provide ideas and plan an event to celebrate! We also are going to hold morning & evening Community Input Sessions on March 14th to incorporate your ideas into our plans for the 1/ 4 mile walking trail we will be adding this spring. Volunteers are needed to help increase access to our playground and soon-to-be walking trail; we will be discussing this and recruiting volunteers at the meetings as well.

Our annual fundraisers are scheduled as well! If you enjoy playing golf, gather your foursome & save the date for May 9th; we are certain we will have a great time once again at our annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser. On June 8th, Lakeland is again holding the Lakeland CAREs for John 3:16. Plan to purchase tickets for this showcase of local talent. We will also be rolling out our Sponsor a Child for Camp J316 campaign in late April; your support enables us to offer fun and educational activities in a safe, Christian environment for local children. And, if you are one of those who already has your year planned, consider attending our annual Fundraising Banquet December 5th this year; it promises to be an excellent event, highlighting the growth of the organization from the beginning until now! Thank you so much for your continued support! Please pray about and consider how you might partner with us this year to have a lifelong impact on children and families in our community!

Thank you so much for your continued support!


In Christ,
Shannon McAllister

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