Good News Winter 2014

by Shannon McAllister on March 11, 2015


I hope that 2015 has started as a wonderful year for you and your loved ones. The beginning of a year is always a time of reflection & anticipation for me at The John 3:16 Center. I reflect on everything that God has done through so many wonderful people in the last year so that we are able to share stories and information about those served. Simultaneously, the work of putting into motion new things for the coming year begins and we look forward to seeing the fruit of our work. I am also reflective currently because I have just celebrated serving 10 years at The John 3:16 Center! It has been a blessing to be part of this organization, to get to know the people we serve and the many volunteers who give so generously of their time and talent, and to work on engaging donors who have been a critical part of helping this organization grow.

Speaking of growth…you’ll see that the pages that follow are full of upcoming events, highlights, and information. We have given information on some goals we have for recreation, challenges for the GED program, an opportunity to share your thoughts, recognition of volunteers, and much more! In response to requests, we have shared information on our strategic plan, the goals, and ways in which we would LOVE to have your help! We also received requests to share some of our ongoing program costs (not just summer camp!) so that those who are interested can gain a better idea of how funds are used throughout the year. A few programs are highlighted; we plan to provide information on different programs in each issue of the newsletter this year.

Three board members have served their terms and left our Board of Directors; we sincerely appreciate everything they have done over their years of service: Linda Calisto, Rev. Joe Sandoval, and Barbara Eddy. We are thankful that they will still be involved in other ways. Three new members have joined the board: Mary More, Christina Wells, and Jodie Dowhan. We welcome and look forward to working with them! There is still room on the board for you! Take a look at our strategic plan information on Page 5; if you think you have skills and interests that could help us accomplish these goals, contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk with our Board Chair.

Thank you for being responsive and helping us to meet the needs of and provide critical opportunities for the children and families that we serve. Your donations, time, skills, and prayers are greatly appreciated. Our prayer for you is that God bless you and help you to grow spiritually as you give in the ways you are able to those who are less fortunate. We pray that, in turn, God multiply our efforts, plant seeds of faith, and give us the wisdom and discernment to be good stewards of that which we have been given. Changes and growth are coming; it will be exciting to see and be a part of what He does next here; please consider ways that you may want to be engaged!


In Christ,
Shannon McAllister

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