Volunteer At The John 3:16 Center

Many opportunities for volunteering exist at The John 3:16 Center. We truly appreciate your interest in serving God and your community through volunteering here. On the following pages, you will see options for volunteering for general center activities/needs, for the Homework Club during the school year, and for special events/fundraising. Training requirements and minimum time commitments are included with each description.

All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application form. Those who choose to work with children must complete a background check before beginning to volunteer and be willing to sign a document agreeing to random drug testing; any helping with trips and/or transportation must submit to a drug test. Mentors must be willing to sign a waiver that they will be liable for any contact made outside of The John 3:16 Center while the mentor/mentee relationship is in place. Anyone who will be presenting items or exhibits for demonstration must give prior notice/information to staff for approval. All those who may work directly with clients will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to protect those we serve.

The John 3:16 Center is the facility and major program of C.A.R.E./Child Abuse Resource and Education, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. C.A.R.E. is an interdenominational Christian, board-directed organization with the mission of serving families in need.


  • Food Pantry – Help keep the food pantry organized; check for expiration dates; list items we are in need of; assist in record keeping for clients who utilize the food pantry. Training includes food pantry procedures and forms used. Commitment of at least 1 hour every two weeks; during the school year, must be done on Friday or Saturday mornings. Summer is more flexible in scheduling.
  • Clothing Drives/Giveaways – Help sort clothing donations received for the giveaway. Assist with setting up clothing during the giveaway.  Greet and assist those who come for the Clothing Giveaway. Ensure they sign in and note how many people for which they found clothing. Flexible commitment during clothing drives.
  • Facility and Site Maintenance – Individuals should be willing to be contacted to help with minor repairs to the facility, site, and/or equipment; will also be contacted to help when we have days set aside for “beautification”. No training needed, but please list your skills on your application.
  • Landscaping – Help keep the lawn mowed and bushes trimmed; pick up branches and/or limbs as needed after storms; will use the lawnmower, weed eater, etc. to complete tasks. No training needed. (March-October)
  • Administrative – Assist with general office duties; work at the reception desk; answer phone, greet and direct people as they come in, make copies, write thank you notes. Training on center programs and procedures. Commitment of two hours a week requested.
  • Special Events – Willing to be contacted when a special event is offered at The John 3:16 Center. May be asked to assist with registration, food preparation, direction of other volunteers, set up, clean up, etc. This includes being contacted at Christmas to help with shopping, sorting and wrapping gifts, and helping with the Christmas party. If only interested in helping at Christmas, please note on application.
  • Fundraising – Willing to be contacted to assist in Fundraising events. This may include sorting and pricing yard sale items, helping to set up for and clean up after events, assisting with event activities, contacting businesses for donations, assisting in broadcasting information about events, and helping to develop relationships between C.A.R.E./The John 3:16 Center and potential donors by representing the organization as a volunteer.

After School Program Volunteer Opportunities

  • Tutors – The John 3:16 Center provides after school homework assistance. While working with the children, we learn the areas in which they are struggling. These issues may be improved or resolved by providing one-on-one assistance for a couple of hours a week. Tutors may assist children with their homework and provide support in problem areas by providing that one-on-one assistance. Retired teachers, high school/college students, professional tutors, and others who have a gift/desire to help children learn are welcome. Tutors are also asked to help maintain the overall structure of the program. Training is in afterschool procedures and rules. Minimum of 1 afternoon per week (3:30pm-6:00pm) requested.
  • Talent/Skill Training – If you have a talent or skill that you would like to share with the children in the after school program, please mention that on your application. Talent and skill trainings are great incentives for good grades and behaviors. They also provide cultural opportunities that “our” children may otherwise miss. Examples include: art, singing, musical instruments, sports, crafts, etc. Teaching of any skill requires a weekly commitment for the duration of the training. A craft or art project may be completed on a Friday or over a few Fridays, depending on the project.
  • Speakers – The children usually do not have homework on Fridays. Therefore, we have dedicated Fridays as fun/special days; these may also be offered on half-days. These days may consist of recreational activities, science experiments, special speakers, etc. Speakers are welcome to come to educate the children about things that will provide them with information, special experiences, one-day activities, and lessons that would not be attained under normal circumstances. Speakers must summarize material to be presented in order to ensure its appropriateness for “our” children.
  • Mentors – Mentors partner with children to provide additional guidance and support. They spend at least 2 hours per week with selected children. Mentors can provide the children with new life perspectives beyond their personal experiences; they can also provide individualized attention by engaging the children in activities such as ball games, swimming, fishing, reading, etc. Mentors initiate the partnership by meeting with the children during the afterschool program and offering support during that time. As mentors become better acquainted with the children and their family, they may begin doing activities outside of the center with the permission of the parent/guardian.  Training involves After School procedures and rules, information on recognizing and reporting abuse, and material on developing a mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Career Days – These volunteers are willing to be contacted to participate in the Career Days that will be offered twice a year. They may volunteer to speak to and guide participants through the booths or serve refreshments. In addition, volunteers may represent a career or provide education on necessary skills for employment. They should be able to present information on a career they think may interest the youth involved (or to family members who may be present), including the preparations and education necessary to succeed, or be able and willing to assist in teaching resume and interview skills.
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