J316 Programs


    This release is entered on the date hereinafter mentioned by and between The John 3:16 Center and the parties, their names described hereinafter:

    Whereas, The John 3:16 Center Code of Conduct is as follows:

    The John 3:16 Center is committed to a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all who participate.

    General Conduct

    We expect people to behave in a responsible way and to respect the rights and dignity of others. Our Code of Conduct does not permit language or actions that can hurt or frighten or be disrespectful to another person or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.

    No profanity. No angry or vulgar language, including swearing, name-calling, or shouting.

    No harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language or any menacing behavior.

    No conduct of an inappropriate, threatening, or offensive nature will be permitted.

    Anyone with concerns about this Code of Conduct or the behavior of any individuals at the Center should contact a staff member for assistance.

    The John 3:16 Center reserves the right to prohibit participation at the Center/On-Line for violation of these rules and any violation of the Code of Conduct.

    Whereas, the Code of Conduct of The John 3:16 Center and the General Rules of The John 3:16 Center has been read, expressly understood, and agreed to by the undersigned.

    NOW THEREFORE, in sole consideration for the opportunity extended to the undersigned J316 Camp Connect participant by The John 3:16 Center to participate in the J316 Camp Connect, the parties enter this release and mutually agree to the following:

    The undersigned for themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, and successors assign individually, jointly, and severally do forever release and agree to save and hold harmless and indemnify The John 3:16 Center, and its agencies, departments, officers, employees, and servants from any and all liability that may arise out of any action or failure to act by any party from the youth’s participation in The John 3:16 Center J316 Camp Connect.

    We realize that these guidelines are not all-inclusive and that the event supervisor(s) reserve the right to revise and extend these policies. In general, exercising good judgment will prevent occurrences which are not within the best interests of participants or The John 3:16 Center.

    When attending our program, your child is expected to:

    1. Confirm internet connectivity or provisions for off-line participation
    2. Attend ZOOM meetups on-line at the designated times during the day between 9:30am-2:00pm as possible
    3. Any devices issued, i.e. tablet, hot spot, and jump drive is for the expressed use in activities of the virtual summer camp.
    4. Devices issued for use in the virtual summer camp is on loan for the week of enrollment and expected to be returned on the last day of camp. Designated week ___________________
    5. Return of device, hot spot and jump drive on _____________________________


    1. PHOTOGRAPHS RELEASE-I/we, the undersigned, hereby authorize The John 3:16 Center to use photographs, which I/we have voluntarily allowed to be taken by representatives. I/we understand that such use may include, but shall not be limited to, publications, slide shows, displays, or videos. I/we waive any right to which I/we or my/our heirs may otherwise be entitled by law to assert against The John 3:16 Center on account of injury sustained by my/our reputation arising from causes of action including, but not limited to, libel, slander, defamation of character, and invasion of privacy as a result of such publications and hereby release The John 3:16 Center from any liability on account of such injury.

    -The care of the devices provided for use during activities of the virtual summer camp.

    -Surrender of the device on the last day of camp to the center representative upon appointed time of pickup.

    1. DAMAGE

    Parents/Guardians will be responsible for and pay for any damage done by their child, either alone or with others.

    1. MY CHILD has been examined by a licensed physician within the last twelve months and has been found to be physically fit and able to participate in all camp activities.

    We have carefully read the foregoing release, know the contents thereof, and sign it as our own free act. Any infraction of the above may necessitate the participant’s parent/guardian being notified and the event supervisor(s) determining an appropriate penalty which may include the participant being disconnecting from virtual programming and/or suspended from future activities at The John 3:16 Center.

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